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Frequently Asked Questions

What will teams need?

  • Identification to complete registration.

  • Private transportation. Pit stop locations will be through out the entire county. Although traveling between some pit stops can be reached by foot, most will need to be reached by vehicle. Cars, trucks, or motorcycles are the recommended forms of transportation, but if a team would like to use a donkey, then go for it!

  • Digital Camera. Teams will need this for a few challenges. Sorry, we cannot provide one for you.

  • Pen and Paper (optional).

  • Wear comfortable clothing fit for running and walking.

  • Bring a towel, because you might get wet.

How much does it cost?

$30 per person by August 31, 2016
$40 per person from September 1 - September 9, 2016
$50 per person on race day

What do I win?

In addition to a fun filled day of challenges and bragging rights, the top three race finishers will win:

1st Prize: $200 and Trophy
2nd Prize: $100 and Trophy
3rd Prize: $50 and Trophy

Best Costume: Trophy

Don't worry if you come in last place, we have a trophy for that, too!

Some Pit Stop Locations will also be giving out awards.

All racers will receive the following:

  • Wilkes Amazing Race T-shirt
  • Map of pit stop locations
  • Race number
  • Evening celebration with food and awards *

  • * Open to the public. Food for non-racers at the celebration will be sold separately.

    I registered online, what is next?

    You will receive a confirmation e-mail within 48 hours. One week before the race, you'll receive an e-mail with the final details. You will not receive anything in the mail. Your packet will be available at the registration station the morning of the race, including your t-shirts and race numbers. Sign in and registrations begin at 10am and the race begins at 11am.

    I registered, but now I can't make it or my teammate can't make it?

    We do not offer any refund for any reason. To transfer your registration to another team or teammate, simply contact us.

    Can teams work/ride together?

    Teams must register as two person teams, but feel free to work and ride together if you are looking to have fun with a group of friends. Just remember that only one team can win.

    How difficult are the physical challenges?

    The difficulty of each challenge varies, depending on the pit stop. Our goal is to ensure that each challenge can reasonably be completed by at least one member of the team.

    What is the course route?

    There is no set course route. Deciding the course route to the pit stop challenges is at the discretion of each team so choose the route that you think works best for your team. Each pit stop will have a challenge that teams must complete in order to receive credit for that pit stop. Each pit stop will be manned with judges that decide when a team has successfully completed the challenge. For each challenge not completed, a 1 hour penalty will be added to the teams finish time.

    Will I have to sign a waiver to participate?

    Yes, you will sign one electronically when you register online and will sign one by hand at the registration station on the day of the race.

    How can a business become a sponsor for the event?

    Simply contact us for a sponsorship packet.

    More questions? Email or call us here.

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